Saturday, June 19, 2010

Summer Bedspread

With the temps getting up in the 100's these days, I realized we needed a lightweight, summer bedspread. I was also growing tired of our neutral comforter and wishing for a little more color in our bedroom.

When I was at Target the other day I browsed the bedspread section and found a great candy apple green quilt-like bedspread that I really loved. I figured it would go perfectly with the throw pillows that we already had so I snatched it up. {Side note: Why are King size bed linens SO expensive?!?!}

Here is the BEFORE:
Nice, but neutral.

Here is the AFTER:
I couldn't seem to get photos that properly represented the color but trust me, it's a bright and punchy green!

I'm really liking the color change and I'm loving how lightweight the quilt is too. Perfect for summer!

Do you change out of your bedspreads for the seasons? This is the first time I have done this but I definitely think it will be a habit I will continue from now on.


  1. I love that room at my parents was painted Apple green! Bright yes but I loved it. We don't change our bedspread but we have a "summer" quilt all year and add blankets in the winter

  2. great bed wife is always asking me if its too girlie when she buys one....I always tell her as long as shes in the bedroom with me it can be as girlie as she wants!

  3. I love the new green! We always change out bedspreads in the summer...Phoenix gets too hot not to!

  4. ha, it's funny you ask because I thought we were the only ones that changes our bed spread for the seasons! I love changing it up!! Sometimes you just need something different! yours looks awesome!

  5. oops I copy and pasted the wrong name!


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