Monday, June 21, 2010

Obvious and Unoriginal Chicken

Sunday was a day of laundry and a little shopping {Old Navy}. I was in a bit of a funk all day and I'm still not sure why. I just felt super exhausted, despite the fact that I'd had an adequate amount of sleep and I wasn't in a particularly good mood {poor husband}. I tried to lay down to "take a nap" at about 5pm because I felt so exhausted but then I couldn't fall asleep. Instead of sleeping I got sucked into the book I was reading and before I knew it it was 7pm!

We had chicken thawed for dinner but no idea what to make with it. I took a gander at the fridge and saw that we had some on-the-edge-of-going-bad broccoli and cherry tomatoes.

I wasn't feeling up to doing much actual "cooking" so I just tossed the chicken breasts, tomatoes and broccoli in a glass baking dish, drizzled some olive oil on top of it all, sprinkled generously with salt & pepper, and baked in a 425 degree oven for about 40-45 minutes or until the chicken reached an internal temp of 185 degrees. {I ended up having to cover the baking dish with foil about halfway through so that the broccoli didn't brown too much}

To spruce it up just a bit more I topped the chicken with some crumbled goat cheese and buffalo hot sauce after it came out of the oven. We also served the meal with whole wheat buttered toast on the side. It wasn't the most exciting meal in the world but the chicken was tender and the veggies were flavorful {because they cooked in yummy chicken juice}.

I've decided this is a great go-to meal when I'm feeling super lazy because it literally requires NO prep {other than maybe cutting up veggies} and you just toss it in the oven and forget about it for 45 minutes!

It could also be made with any vegetables you have on hand I have visions of making it with sweet potatoes, red potatoes, squash, red onion, etc. etc. etc. Super versatile and easy! I think I shall dub this dish: Clean Out Yer Fridge Roasted Chicken and Veg

{Side note: I know this meal isn't earth shattering or new, but sometimes I find that I tend to forget about the simplest things and try to complicate everything we cook too much. If you're like me, maybe you could use a reminder that something so simple can be so good. If you're not like me, then just disregard this post because you're probably rolling your eyes at the fact that I would dare make an entire blog post dedicated to something so obvious and unoriginal!}

After dinner we watched True Blood, which OMG I'm obsessed with! I watched the first 2 seasons on DVD but now that we have HBO I can watch them as they premiere the episodes. This is actually quite dificult for me though because they leave each episode with such a suspenseful ending that I literally scream "Noooooooooo!" when the credits roll because I'm so dying to find out what happens next. It's addicting!!

Do you have any obvious and unoriginal recipes to share with me? I'll appreciate them, I promise! ;-)

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