Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sausage on the Run

What's for Dinner? 6/1/2010

-Grilled HEB Queso Poblano Chicken Sausages
-Steamed Broccoli
-Mashed Sweet Potatoes

This week is proving to be a very busy one. Things at work have exploded and at home I'm busy trying to get ready for the big Girl's Trip to the lake that I'm going on this weekend! I've been instructed to pack light since we will have 7 girls and not much space in the cars, and packing light doesn't exactly come easy for me! It takes a lot of preparation!

Needless to say, dinners this week will be super simple and quick because we just don't have much time for anything else.

Enter the simple {yet delicious} dinner:

If you have an HEB grocery store in your vicinity, you should definitely try their Queso Poblano Chicken Sausages. They are really very tasty. I did a quick Google search and found this nutritional info on them:

HEB Queso Poblano Chicken Sausages
1 link, 220, 17g, 2g, 18g

Not super healthy, but not too bad either! I ate 1.5 links so that's about 330 calories. {I'm not counting calories but I do like to have a general idea of the calorie count in my head.}

We steamed some brocc in a steamer bag and mashed up some sweet potatoes with a little honey and a bit of Smart Balance.

I will be topping off this delicious dinner with my favorite thing in the world: frozen yogurt!! The girls and I are meeting at the local self-serve yogurt place in a few to discuss last minute plans for this weekend and I am SO excited to get a delicious yogurt concoction.

{Good thing I worked out today or I would feel semi-guilty.}

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