Friday, June 4, 2010

Lake Bound with the Girls

Today after work I'm headed to the lake to spend 4 glorious days playing on the lake with seven of these wonderful ladies:

On the Agenda:
-LOTS of gossip! Especially about a certain scumbag, soon-to-be ex-husband. {Not mine...don't worry. I'm still keeping my scumbag husband. haha just kidding, Alex!}
-LOTS of eating! We're loaded down with plenty of munchies! I have a feeling I'm gonna need to work out extra hard next week.
-Maybe a little adult beverage consuming. Or maybe a lot. Only time will tell. {Except for the two pregNERDS coming on the trip who will only be enjoying their fake beer and wine.}
-Hopefully not too much sunburning. I am extremly fair-skinned so I'm loaded up with plenty of SPF 70, yes 70, sunblock. Inevitably, I will still get burned at least once. It's Murphy's Law.
-No primping and/or looking cute. This is a tshirt & shorts only zone. No blow dryers and/or straighteners. Minimal makeup {some of us fair-skinned types need at least a touch of makeup to keep us from looking like a ghost}.
-Oh yeah and some fun on the boat and jet skis. I guess that is the point of going to a lake right? I will attempt to waterski again, although I have failed the last two times I tried. Hopefully I won't wipe out too hard. I don't like water up my nose. :)
So that sounds like a pretty good list. I'll be out of touch through Tuesday so everyone enjoy your weekend!
{P.S. In case you were wondering, I didn't post a "What's for Dinner?" last night because I went out to dinner at Boston's with the girls. I got an individual whole wheat Florentine favorite! Oh and a margarita.}

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