Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Confused by the title? That's the way my dad pronounces "fajitas"...fuhjytuhs. He cracks me up! My mom is a spanish teacher so my dad clearly knows how to properly pronounce the word "fajitas"...he just chooses not to. :)

Our local grocery store often features "meal deals" where if you buy one thing you get like 6 things free. Recently they were featuring a fajita meal deal: buy a huge pack of pre-seasoned fajita meat and get a pack of tortillas, a 2 liter soda, a package of guacamole, tub of sour cream, package of shredded cheese, a can of refried black beans and a bag of chips. I couldn't pass up that deal since we LOVE fajitas!

I debated for a while between chicken or beef fajitas but ultimately decided on beef. Beef fajitas are definitely our favorite, although chicken is a bit healthier.

Alex was daunted by the fact that the package of meat was so huge for just the two of us but I assured him I would find ways to use it all over the next week or freeze it for future easy use.

What's for Dinner? 6/22/2010

-Pre-seasoned Beef Fajitas on Whole Wheat Tortillas
-Refried Black Beans {thinned out with a little water}

-Sauteed onion, bell pepper & mushroom sprinkled with fajita seasoning
-Fat-free cheese
-Light sour cream


Are you a chicken or beef fajita person? What are your favorite toppings?

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  1. I prefer kay-suh-DILL-uz, personally. :)


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