Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pushup Police

Why are pushups so hard?!?!

I hate them.

And I can't do them {well not properly, at least}.

It doesn't help the fact that my hoss of a husband can knock out 78 pushups in ONE MINUTE for his Army PT tests.

WHAT?!?! That just baffles me. It's not even something that my brain {or body} can process.

I was doing some "pushups" {and by some I mean like 5} tonight while we were watching TV and my husband, aka the Pushup Police, laughed at me and said I was only doing halfway pushups. Well.....screw you! I'm doing my best here, Hubs!

But his little mockery of me may have lit a fire under my ass because now I am DETERMINED to be able to do real pushups.

Do you do pushups? If so, do you do real ones where you practically touch your nose to the ground or do you only go halfway down like me? How many can you do in a row?

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  1. I do real ones. :) I can't do anywhere close to 78 though!

    If you keep at it, they'll get easier! I truly believe push-ups are one of the best all-around strength exercises. I do ladders - 10X, 9X, etc down to 1X. When I started, I was doing most of them on my knees, and now I can do the whole thing on my toes with good form!

  2. Also - keeping your hands wider makes them a little easier. The chick in the photo has her hands pretty narrow! My wrists would kill me if I tried to do push ups with my hands at that distance.

  3. I used to be pretty good at doing real push-ups (NOT like your husband, though - that's AMAZING!!!) but I don't do them as much now and they're definitely a challenge again. I usually try to do 3 sets of 10, and I'm totally wiped by that last set.

  4. I can do 1... maybe 2... "real" pushups. But they really hurt my wrists! Usually I stick to doing planks :P

    I agree, I can't process what it must look like to do 78 pushups in 1 minute... that's more than 1/second! (I know, I've got awesome math skills ;))

  5. Ughhhh, push-ups. I always leave my knees on the ground and do "girl" push ups! I'm impressed at your determination :)

  6. Back when I was working out (note the WAS) while Andrew was away and until he knocked me up, I had FINALLY learned to do good pushups! I always sucked at them, but I was told a trick that helped me. Spread your arms farther apart than your shoulders and evenly distribute your weight across your hands and into your finger tips. I always just kept the weight on my wrists and my wrists would give out thus putting more pressure on my chest/shourlder...also, holding in your tummy helps lots, too! UMMmm, with that said, I still probably at my peak only could do 20 or so full push-ups.


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