Thursday, July 8, 2010

Things I'm Loving

Here are some things I'm loving lately...

Dreyer's Fruit Bars in Creamy Coconut: I don't know what compelled me to put these in my cart the other day but I'm so glad I did! They are refreshing, creamy, sweet and delicious! Also these make a good substitute for the times when I'm craving self-serve {expensive} frozen yogurt and can't justify it {because I've already had my once-a-week quota}. And at 130 calories a pop, they are a nice light option for dessert.

Sabra Hummus: I used to be kind of indifferent to which store-bought hummus I ate. I thought they were all the same...until I tried Sabra hummus. SO FREAKING GOOD. It's wayyyyy creamier and smoother than all other store-bought hummus I have tried. And the flavors options are awesome too! {My favorite is greek olive flavor} I literally scolded my husband when he came home from the grocery store with a different brand of hummus recently. Sabra all the way, baby!

Making my dog wear my shirts: Because it's funny.

Laughing babies: This is my BFF's baby, Audrey. I spent last weekend at the Ranch with her and totally loved seeing her sweet smiles and giggles. Babies are good for the soul!

Fredricksburg Peaches: We drove through Fredricksburg, TX on our way to the Ranch and it just so happened to be peach season! Hellllz yeah! Fredricksburg peaches are the BEST! I've been eating at least one a day since we brought them home. Luckily, we bought a ton so we still have plenty! I might cry when they are all gone...

My Orange nail color: I bought this nail color on a whim the other day and I must say, I'm really liking it! I'm usually an average color kind of gal {various shades of pink mostly} but this little step out of the box is making me rethink that. I literally get happy every time I look at my nails. {Pathetic} I'm not going to share the actual name of the color because I decided to try and cheap out and bought Sally Hansen nail polish instead of my usual Opi or China Glaze. Yeahhhh...that was a mistake. The nail polish was soooo globby and sticky as it was going on. I hated it!

{Yes, that's my actual hand. Why do hands photograph so weird? Mine looks super wrinkly! Guess I need to go moisturize!}

Do you have any favorite things you'd like to share?


  1. Ummm I can recall when you used to get mad at me for putting shirts on Libby! I think she looks fabulous buuut I can tell by her face that she misses her favorite aunt :)

  2. I love the coconut bars too! :) Lots of good stuff on this list.

  3. haha I love that picture of your dog wearing your shirt. I would love to do that to my dog but she's so big I think that she would rip one of mine!


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