Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Out & About

Tuesday was the last night this week that we ate at home. The rest of the week has been spent out and about!

Wednesday night we met up with friends at Chili's to celebrate one of our friend's 25th birthday.

I ordered the "Guiltless" version of the Santa Fe Chicken Wrap, which came with steamed broccoli on the side....

It was pretty tasty! I'm not sure how "guiltless" the wrap actually was though because it seemed like there was a decent amount of cheese and some sort of creamy sauce {I think it was ranch}. Despite that, it all tasted good and I would order it again.

Oh and don't be fooled, I also enjoyed some tortilla chips dipped in Chili's ranch {we all LOVE Chili's's so good!} and a few bites of the brownie a la mode that they brought out for the birthday girl after dinner. It was well worth it!

Thursday night I had an Army wives dinner to go to where we welcomed the wife of our new battalion commander. These can be pretty formal events and I was on the committee who helped with it so I was in charge of ordering and bringing the flower arrangement for the table.

Unfortunately because I was helping {and because I didn't know what kind of first impression it would make to whip out a camera and take a photo of my food} I didn't get any photos of dinner but I had the Linguini Puttanesca, which was very good!

I think it was probably pretty light too which is a plus. It's mostly just a spicy tomato sauce with olives, capers and anchovies {don't make that face at me...they add good flavor!} served over linguini. I ate about half of the serving {which was huge} and took the rest home for Alex's lunch the next day.

I also ate two of the amazing italian rolls that they set out before the meal....I am a carb maniac! Lovvveee bread at restaurants.

We had a cake at the dinner but I'm not a big fan of cake so I took my piece home for the Hubs.

Okay well that pretty much sums up Wednesday and Thursday night. I'll probably have to wait until we get home tomorrow night to catch up on this weekend because I'm blogging from my mom's computer and we're about to head out for the rest of the evening.

But let's just say that last night involved someone who makes me swoon....MICHAEL BUBLE!! My mom and I went to his concert last night. I'll post a full review later but OMG he's such a wonderful performer!

Are you a Buble fan? What's your favorite Michael Buble song? I love his new hit "Haven't Met You Yet" but I also love some of his other songs like "Georgia". Ok, let's be honest, I love all of his songs! :)


  1. I can't wait to hear your full review of MB! Wasn't he incredible?? I already miss him... ;)

  2. I love "haven't met you yet"!!! And that broccoli looks yummmmy! I love broccoli. (Oh and I'm a carb maniac too!!)


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