Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Best Laid Plans

You know what they say about best laid plans....

Wait...what do they say?

I think the gist of it is that the best laid plans don't always work out. Right? Right.

Tonight's best laid plans of a delicious Mahi-Mahi dinner did not work out. Why, you ask?

Well, without boring you/whining about my no good, horrible, very bad day I'll just tell you that it was....well a no good, horrible, very bad day. Stressssssful day at work, to say the least.

Which was topped off by a commute home in pouring sheets of rain in which I couldn't see a damn thing and some LOSER almost t-boned me because he was an IDIOT and then proceeded to honk at ME. WTF?!

{Road Rage much??}

I walked in the door feeling mega-stressed and decided to scrap dinner plans. I came this close to giving in to a major craving for a Sonic cheeseburger and tater tots....but I resisted.

Actually, I'm not gonna lie, that cheeseburger probably would be in my belly right about now if it weren't for the aforementioned pouring sheets of rain that discouraged me from going back out.

So we scrounged for dinner instead:

It included such gems as this frozen twice baked potato that I rescued from the depths of my freezer:
Healthy? Nope. Satisfying? Yep.

And a Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Burger on a sandwich thin with mustard:
{Shout out to my vegetarian BFF, Emma, for introducing me to these burgers last summer. I can't get enough of them!}

And some of these new Beanitos chips that I impulse purchased at the grocery store the other day:
Beanitos Black Bean Chips

These were surprisingly delicious!! Even Hubs gave them the thumbs up. They're lighter than normal tortilla chips but still super crispy. They have great flavor too! I may even like these better than normal tortilla chips...GASP!

But what really sends these chips over the top is the nutritional info:

Look at that ingredient list!! All things I can pronounce! Amazing.

And chips with omega-3's, fiber, AND protein?? YES please!

All in all it was a very random dinner, but it worked. In case you're wondering Hubs did not eat what I ate.

He made some sort of odd Tuna Croquette-ish things which he drenched in balsamic vinegar. No, not vinaigrette...VINEGAR. Ewww.

Yet again, a perfect example of how WEIRD guys are!

Do you ever crave a certain fast food meal? Do share! I used to think I didn't like Sonic's food but recently I basically had no choice but to eat it and the cheeseburger just hit.the.spot. So now that's pretty much my biggest fast food craving. YUM.


  1. That dinner actually looks pretty good! :)

    I'm a big believer in the notion that you can do a lot worse than a plain hamburger and small fries at most fast-food places. Calorie-wise, at least. Sure it's full of crap and nutritionally rather void, but as long as you eat the smaller sized stuff it's actually not terrible from a calorie standpoint!

  2. No, I never crave fast food. It's bad for you.


    I love Chick-fil-a and I love jr chzburger deluxes (minus mayo) from Wendy's. I also love Zaxby's and even occasionally Taco Bell.

    Good for you for going the healthy route and I hope today is a billion times better than yesterday!

  3. Thanks for the post on Beanitos! Be on the lookout for our BBQ Chipotle and Cheddar Cheese flavors coming soon. We actually even reduced the sodium on the latest product to 55mg per serving. Until next time, kick the corn, and crunch your beans! Cheers, Mike

  4. Oh Morningstar burgers are the BOMB! I love them all! Right now, I'm really into the Mushroom Lovers one because I really love mushrooms (duh), but the black bean ones are good as well! I'm proud of you for not just booking it to the nearest Sonic - such strength :)


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