Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Major Award!

I returned from the Ranch this weekend and turned on my phone to find that I had received a blog award from the lovely Sarah at Baking Serendipity. What a nice surprise to return to! And I was certainly needing some sunshine in my life after a weekend of disappointing overcast/rainy weather at the Ranch {more on that in a later post}.

The rules say I have to pick 12 blogs to recognize but sometimes I like to break the rules so I'm only going to recognize six! I hope the bloggy police don't come arrest me! The blogs I would like to recognize with the Sunshine Award are:

-Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life for her inspiring healthy eating and her sweet personality. She seems like someone I would be friends with in "real life".

-Shelby at eat, drink, run for her down-to-earth attitude to healthy living and inspiring running routines. I also envy her NYC lifestyle!

-Katie at Health for the Whole Self for introducing me to the world of health bloggers and inspiring me with her recipes and her well-written posts about many different health topics.

-Kelsey at Kelsey Lately for being my in-real-life coworker and fellow blogger. She hosts a fantastic blog that mostly focuses on all things fashion and beauty, which are two of my favorite things! Also I'm pretty sure Kelsey gave me this exact same award a while ago and I never got around to posting about it...so now I'm returning the favor! :)

-Kristin at The (real simple) Life for writing a fun and quirky blog about simply living her life and enjoying every moment. I know her in real life too {she was my sorority sister} and she's a pretty darn cool chick!

-Gracie at Girl Meets Health for her awesome healthy dessert recipes and the compelling posts about the pros & cons of health trends.

Can you tell I've been on a health blog-reading trend lately?!? They're just all so inspiring! If you received an award from me now you should choose recipients of your Sunshine Award. You could do 12 like you're supposed to or you could break the rules like me. :) Then, leave a comment on each of the blogs you pass the award onto to let them know about their major award. It's way better than a leg lamp! {Christmas Story reference...anyone? anyone?}

SIDE NOTE: I'm noticing that I follow exactly ZERO military wife blogs and that's really just pathetic. I've tried to get into a couple of them but I don't know...they just weren't up my alley. If I have any Army/military wife readers out there, do you have any recommendations for good military wife blogs???

Finally, thank you so much to Sarah at Baking Serendipity for recognizing my little 'ole blog! I really do appreciate it! And everyone be sure to check out her blog for some AMAZING looking recipes and baking treats!


  1. You definitely deserve this award, and thanks for passing it along! I'm so glad we've become "blog friends," if you will. :)

  2. Congratulations on your award!!!!

  3. Yippeeeee (to you and for me, ha!).

  4. Also I came across this blog today and thought about you asking for military wife blog recs. I was glued to this for about an hour and seriously teary-eyed. She was...IS a military wife and lost her husband in March of this year. Her blog is really good if you can stomach it: http://alittlepinkinaworldofcamo.blogspot.com/

  5. Thanks for the award, Ashley!

    If I had to give your blog an award, it would be for writing EXACTLY how you would say it. Seriously though--the sarcasm and humor on this blog cracks me up!


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