Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sausage Hogies, Soupy Pie and Peek-a-Boo

Last night we went to a friend's house for a little get together. It always seems like we see our friends a lot less over the summer months because everyone is away on trips at different times.

{This also has a lot to do with the fact ALL of my group of friends are teachers...except me. So they all have these glorious summer breaks where they can take 2 week long trips and such while poor little old me is stuck at home working all summer. HMPH!}

Point being, we were long overdue for a good old fashioned get together! It was so great to spend some time with them!

The hosts served a delicious spread of food that consisted of sausage hoagies with peppers & onions, salad with ranch dressing {Ohhh how I love ranch dressing}, and a cold {and mayo-less!} potato salad with olives, tomatoes and lots of other yummy things.

Great dinner! I loved my sausage hoagie and asked myself "Why haven't I ever made sausage hoagies?!?" as I was eating it. So easy and so good!

A delicious dinner was topped off with some yummy desserts, my favorite of which was an Almond Berry Cheesecake Tart that my friend Lindsey brought. Just look how beautiful it was...


I made a dessert too but my dessert didn't have anything on the tart! When I was trying to figure out what to bring I knew it would have to be something simple that I could prep the night before the party since I had to work all day on Friday.

As I was eating my favorite greek yogurt for breakfast the other day {which by the way is Stonyfield Farm Oikos} I saw a recipe for Frozen Margarita Pie on the container that seemed yummy and easy. I made it on Thursday night and froze it overnight.

It's nothing earth-shattering but it was quite yummy! I definitely advise letting the pie thaw a bit before trying to cut into it though because ours was frozen solid. Then when we let it thaw we left it out a little too long so then it kind of turned soupy. Oh well, it was still good! {Scroll down to the bottom for the recipe}

The rest of the night was spent playing with this little cutie...
Playing peek-a-boo with the tablecloth. I seriously can't get enough of babies! I'm so glad my friends are producing LOTS of them so I have lots of them to play with! ;-)

I also enjoyed a few cocktails throughout the night made with this:

Have you heard of Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka? I had heard a lot of good things about it so I bought some and tried it last night for the first time. Two thumbs up!! It really does taste like sweet tea.

I think my favorite way to drink it was mixed with club soda and lemon juice but I also enjoyed it mixed with lemonade.

From the Stonyfield Farm Oikos yogurt container

Prepared graham cracker crust
8 oz package of reduced-fat cream cheese, softened
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup margarita mix
3 Tablespoons lime juice
1 cup Oikos 0% Vanilla greek yogurt

Beat cream cheese in a stand mixer until soft and smooth. Add sugar, margarita mix, and lime juice and mix well. Add yogurt and mix until just blended. Pour into the crust and freeze overnight.

Ashley's Notes: I also added 2 drops of green food coloring to give the pie a more "margarita" look. Also, don't forget to let the pie thaw for about 20-30 minutes before serving.

What's your favorite mixed drink? Mine would be Raspberry Mojitos but the Sweet Tea Vodka & Club Soda is a close second I think!

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