Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Roundup 2010

Who watched the Oscars last night? I did, I did! And I thought there were lots of gorgeous dresses, but also more than the usual bad ones. Below I'll show my picks for the best and the worst. But first, let's have some MAN CANDY.
Ryan Reynolds
Yummm. Love him. So hot. Enough said.

Taylor Lautner
My favorite little werewolf was looking quite dapper in a tux. {Team Jacob}


The Good:

Miley Cyrus
I am not usually a big Miley fan but I LOVE THIS LOOK. Love everthing about it: the color of the dress, the flowy skirt with the fitted bodice, the golden makeup, the swept-back hair, the jewels. I would totally wear this whole ensemble {you know, if I ever go to the Oscars someday...ha!}.

Sandra Bullock
Sandra looked beautiful and so fitting for her big win! I especially loved her hair and makeup {the red lips & the simple sleek hair} old Hollywood glamour!

Kristen Stewart
This is the best I've seen Kristin Stewart look in a long time. Thank goodness she finally did her hair and didn't wear sneakers! My only complaint is that this dress almost seemed too glam on was a bit of a stretch. I think she could have found something that more met in the middle of her punk rock look and glamour. It was like she was trying to be someone she isn't.

Cameron Diaz
Cameron was totally channeling the old Hollywood glam look too and I loved it. Again, you see simple side-swept hair, red lips and a gorgeous muted gold dress. Love love LOVE! Another look I would definitely wear!


The Bad:

Jennifer Lopez
Don't like the color, don't like the structure, don't like anything {except for maybe her makeup}. And who would think that putting a giant ruffle right smack dab on the hip of a girl who already has a badonkadonk would be a good idea?!?

Charlize Theron
Oh Charlize...I'm so disappointed in you. Usually you don't let me down but this was AWFUL. The colors didn't work for you at all. The dress looks like a cross between something I would have seen at my prom and something Madonna would have worn in 1985.

Zoe Saldana
This one I was torn on because I LOVE the bodice but I HATE the skirt. What the heck is up with this giant ruffle trend? This one kind of reminds me of Chiquita Banana lady. But in the end Zoe Saldana is just so beautiful that she could basically pull off anything.

Vera Farmiga
Like the color, hate the ruffles. Again with the accentuating the hips and not doing ANYTHING for her figure. NO MORE RUFFLES!!!

Paula Patton
The main mistake with this dress for me was the color. A more muted orange could have worked but this one was just too much of orangey-orange. Also not the greatest fit or fabric for a pregnant lady, in my opinion. The round belly + the orange color starts to remind you of the fruit...
All in all, I thought there were more misses than hits this year, which is surprising and disappointing. I had about 10 other photos marked for "The Bads" but I figured I would try to only highlight the worst of them.
There was a definite trend towards golden hues {yay!} and ruffles {nay!}. I think the ruffles COULD work if they were used in a more subtle way. Think a ruffle on the bottom of the skirt or on the shoulder...not giant ruffles wrapping all the way around the dress!

The hair and makeup was impressive this year, I thought. I didn't see any major "oh no!" type hair styles, with the exception of maybe Sarah Jessica Parker's signature Severe Up-Do {as I like to call it}, but we've seen that one out of her before so it was no surprise.

On a non-fashion note, I was also very disappointed in the Best Director and Best Picture win, The Hurt Locker. I haven't seen it, but from what I hear it's not sitting well with most military types because of the gross inacuracy of it's portrayal of an Army EOD team. I'm all for military movies that ACCURATELY and non-politically convey the message, like Taking Chance for example.

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  1. COMPLETELY AGREE with your worst dressed picks. However, two things:
    1) I am in the minority, I know, but I didn't love Sandra Bullock's dress. Something about it was off to me and I don't think it fit her very well. I think she looked pretty, sure but it wasn't amazing and I wouldn't pick her for "best dressed" like so many have.
    2) COME ON! You did not include my top two best dressed picks- Demi Moore and Rachel McAdams. They were so feminine and gorgeous, I LOVED their dresses. (Definitely what I would wear if I were to go to the Oscars haha. Someday, right?)

    Also, thank you very much for including Taylor Lautner. Rawr.

    Um okay. Sorry.


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