Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Spy.....

This one's for all my Bachelor fans out there...

Did anyone else catch this interesting shot of the audience of Dancing with the Stars last night:

Now let's see here, we have Vienna in the middle, who I was secretly hoping wouldn't be there and that Jake would announce that they broke up. But alas...

And oh LOOKIE THERE! It's Ed on the top right, Jillian's choice from her Bachelorette season {which Jake was on}. And although you can't see it in this shot, Jillian was in fact there too.

Oh and don't think we don't see you there, Miss Gia {the 2nd runner up on Jake's season}!!!! Just to the left of Vienna and keeping your head down and hair in front of your face during all the shots. Sneaky, sneaky!!!

It was like an incestuous pool of Bachelor-ites last night in that audience!!

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