Thursday, March 25, 2010

Faux-Burger {What's for Dinner? 3/25/2010}

Tonight Hubs had to go to a unit function for dinner so I was on my own for dinnahhhh. Hmmmm...what to eat, what to eat? FAUX-BURGER! A Morningstar Grillers Prime veggie burger with baby spinach, cheese, pickles & dijonnaise, to be exact. With leftovahhh eggplant veg mix and mashed 'taters.

Off to start prepping food for the shower on Saturday.

{And in case you were wondering, the twitching continues.}


  1. When I asked myself "Hmmmm...what to eat, what to eat?" tonight, I ordered pizza. :-| I envy your food/cooking/meal selection savvy.

  2. Your dinner looks delicious!!! Ugh, sorry about the continued twitching. :(

  3. A few things that could possibly make your eye twitching go away or become less frequent...

    1. a warm wash cloth over your eye and massage it gently
    2. trying to limit caffeine for a day or two
    3. antihistamine drops (allergy drops) because they slow down eye muscle contractions and can sometimes break the twitch....DO NOT put the drops in while wearing contacts and you shouldn't wear contacts until about 12 hours after you put the drops in...I repeat DO NOT pour the solution into your eyes wearing contacts...haha, I just had to say it!

    I hope that helps!

    Oh, and make sure you see your eye doctor if the twitching lasts more than a week and becomes painful :)


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