Sunday, March 7, 2010

Near NuWay {What's for Dinner? 3/7/2010}

There's this place in Wichita, KS {Alex's hometown} called NuWay Cafe that holds a special place in both Alex's and my heart. They make the most amazing, crave-worthy loosemeat beef sandwiches. Every time we go to Wichita we make sure we stop at NuWay for a delicious lunch. {I had never heard of loosemeat sandwiches until visiting Wichita...apparently it's a Midwestern thing.}

In the months between visits to our beloved NuWay, we often find ourselves craving the sandwiches but not having any way to satisfy the craving. Well, this recipe was our answer. It tastes very, very similar to NuWay sandwiches, which was VERY exciting to us! What makes it even better, is that these are super easy to make and consists of ingredients that we almost always have on hand.

We served our Near NuWays in hot dog buns {because we didn't have any hamburger buns} topped with mustard and dill pickles. On the side we had sweet potato oven fries {that I accidentally overcooked...oops}.

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