Thursday, February 25, 2010

What's for Dinner? 2/24/2010

We had a "Hail & Fairwell" at TGI Fridays so we ate dinner there. The food was decent...I love the fried green beans with wasabi dipping sauce...YUM. {Side Note: My aunt and uncle are actually friends with a TGI Fridays chef and he developed that recipe. I met him once and complimented him profusely on it!}

A Hail & Farewell is an Army tradition in which you welcome new soldiers to the unit and say goodbye to soldiers who are leaving the unit. They're usually held at a local restaurant. Last night's H&F was the first one since they got back from deployment so there were A LOT of people to be hailed and fairwelled. :)

There's your Army lesson of the day!

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