Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday Gumbo {What's for Dinner? 2/16/2010}

Hubs & I in front of Golden Gate

I love fresh seafood!

Well hello there! We're officially back from a wonderful mini-vacation to San Francisco and Sonoma. I'll fill in the blanks on the trip later when I have more time and when I'm not still trying to recover from vacation-exhaustion, but for now I'm just going to get right back into "What's for Dinner" business.

For dinner tonight we made "Half Hour Chicken Gumbo" in honor of it being Fat Tuesday. It was fine for a quick version of gumbo but it definitely didn't compare to my momma's gumbo. ;-) It was somewhat flavorless but with a little extra seasoning and some hot sauce it tasted much better. The only alteration to the recipe we made was to add some crab meat...yum!

P.S. I like my gumbo served over polenta instead of rice. I wonder if I'm the only weird person who does this?? My husband thinks it's weird but I think it's delicious!

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