Friday, February 19, 2010

What's for Dinner? 2/18/2010

Turkey Meatloaf made just like this one, only we made it in muffin tins instead of into a loaf. I like it better this way because it makes cute individual portions AND you get more sauce per bite!

On the side we had mashed sweet potatoes (homemade, not out of the box this time) and {canned} green beans.

Then I got my new Cooking Light magazine in the mail and realized that our meal was basically the "white trash" version of the meal they are featuring on the cover:

See what I mean?!? Meatloaf instead of pork chop. Not-so-smooth mashed sweet potatoes instead of pureed sweet potatoes. Canned green beans instead of fresh string beans. HA!


  1. Personally I like the look of your's better!

  2. Is your hubs a ground turkey snob? Clint won't ever let me use it! EVER! He likes his beef too much. Is your turkey meatloaf just as good?


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