Tuesday, January 26, 2010

What's for Dinner? 1/22/2010, 1/23/2010 & 1/24/2010

Sorry for the little blogging break. This weekend was crazy busy and full of lots of eating out.

1/22/2010 - Friday
We went to happy hour and dinner with friends at Texas Roadhouse. It was yummy as usual and super fun {minus the fact that Texas Roadhouse isn't exactly the best at accommodating huge parties}.

1/23/2010 - Saturday
We went to College Station for the night to see that Ags beat the hell outta Colorado in basketball and then we went to dinner at our favorite College Station restaurant, Veritas Wine & Bistro. It's amazing fine dining in the not-so-fine-dining college town. We did the Chef's Menu where the chef chooses what to prepare for you in a 5 course meal. One of which was the most delicious raw oysters I've ever eaten, and we also tried Beef Tartare for the first time ever {surprisingly tasty!}. After our scrumptious dinner we spent some time at College Station's most famous bar, The Dixie Chicken. It was great to be back in our old stomping grounds and we had a ton of fun!

1/24/2010 - Sunday
Sunday night was my friend Jennifer's 27th birthday so we all went out to a local Italian place for dinner. I got a salad with chicken though because by this time in the weekend I had my fill of rich, fattening food.

It was a really fun weekend but it was also one of those weekends when you get NOTHING productive done and you feel like you almost didn't get a weekend at all. When Sunday night rolled around I was pretty annoyed that the weekend was already over. :(

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