Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bar Food Night!

What's for Dinner 1/31/2010

It was Bar Food Night in the Cupcakes & Combat Boots Household:

-Alton Brown's Buffalo Wings
-A Not-So-Awesome Recipe for Tequila Lime Chicken Wings {that I will not be sharing}
-Potato Skins

And of course, no good bar food night would be complete without beer in a leopard-print & pink feather koozie. What's that? Leopard print & pink feather koozies are not usually part of bar night? Well....they should be.


  1. WHAT???!!! A bad Alton Brown can't be true!!!!!! Take it back!

  2. A little late on this, but the Alton Brown recipe wasn't the bad one. I used his for cooking the wings (I highly recommend it). The not so great tequila lime sauce was actually a Guy Fieri recipe.

  3. I totally have one of those too!


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