Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretzel Rolls

When I was in a sorority in college, the most popular night to eat dinner at the Theta house was on Pretzel Sandwiches night. Basically, it was just ham & cheese sandwiches served on homemade pretzel rolls and they were TO DIE FOR!

I have always had a fond memory of those sandwiches and really wanted to try to recreate them sometime. So when I saw this how-to for Pretzel Rolls on Tasty Kitchen, I knew I was destined to make them.
I'm not going to lie, these were a bit of a pain to make. Lots of steps were involved, but they did turn out pretty good. They weren't perfect, but they were good! I was imagining a more light and fluffy roll like the pretzel rolls from my college days, but these turned out dense and chewy (I guess more like a real soft pretzel?). I'm not sure if that was a result of me doing something wrong, or if that was the way they were meant to be.

Here are some pictures of the various steps.

Letting the dough rise.

I put the dough in our sunroom for a nice, warm place to rise.

Cutting the dough into small pieces for the dough balls. I made both a larger size and a smaller size.

After the dough was rolled into balls, you let it rise again.

Then you drop the balls into a boiling pot of water for 30 seconds on each side.

After baking the dough balls, they come out golden brown.

And of course I had to immediately taste one with mustard (my favorite pretzel topping)!

Dense and chewy.

Like I said, I'm not 100% satisfied with the way these turned out, but that probably has more to do with the fact that I had such high expectations and preset ideas of what they should be like.

My husband, who has no fond memories of pretzel rolls at the Theta house, thought they were AWESOME and requested that I make them often. I took that as a good sign.

I made these pretty much exactly as the recipe described (other than using kosher salt instead of pretzel salt), so rather than posting it here I'll just link to it since I made no major changes.

The Recipe: Pretzel Rolls

Let me know if you make these how they turn out! And if you have a recipe for Pretzel Rolls that results in light & fluffy rolls, please share!

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