Saturday, May 29, 2010

Date Night In

What's for Dinner? 5/28/2010

-Grilled Fillet Mignon
-Baked Potato {only half of one for me}
-Grilled Asparagus {Broccoli for Hubs since he's not a fan of asparagus}

It was Date Night In for Hubs and I last night! We enjoyed a delicious steak dinner, wine and a movie {The Time Traveler's Wife via Netflix}.

No real recipes to share tonight because it was all very simply prepared. We left the steaks bare since they were a high-quality cut of meat and didn't need much.

The asparagus was also grilled bare and then afterward I drizzled a teeeeeeny bit of olive oil on them. {Yesterday I found a new blog I love called A Healthy Slice of Life...on one of her posts she outlined the 5 Healthy Cooking Mistakes. One of them was that you should never heat olive oil over 375 degrees because it breaks down the healthy components of the oil. Very interesting...check it out!}

The baked potatoes were served with a drizzle of low-fat ranch dressing and a teaspoon of light butter. There's just nothing that goes together like meat & potatoes...can I get an "Amen!"??

This should be a fun weekend! Today we're headed to Austin for Kelsey's wedding and staying over night at a hotel. Tomorrow we're meeting up with our friends Kim & Ricky and their baby, Audrey, whom I haven't seen since she was 2 days old! I plan on documenting the whole weekend with lots of pictures so stay tuned for a recap blog post!

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  1. That steak is making my mouth water. Simple dinners are the best!


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