Thursday, May 6, 2010

Capturing Memories

Confession: I have a terrible memory. I mean, really bad. It really doesn't contain itself to only short term or long's everything. Until I've met you a handful of times, I probably don't actually remember your name {I'm just faking it by saying "Hey you!" or something along those lines}. Oh or ask me to recall a book or movie can forget about that. Even my "favorite" books and movies are usually somewhat foggy.

At least I come by it honestly though, since both my parents struggle with their memory. I can certainly blame this on the two of them. My dad claims that his loss of memory didn't set in until recently, which might be true. My mom, on the other hand, well let's just say I take after my mom in the memory department.

Today I was thinking about memories and how sad it makes me that I'm already losing a lot of them from my life. I'm young...I shouldn't be forgetting things that happened in my life already!!

Thinking about memories led me to think about something that helps spark memories: photographs. I thought, "Hey well I like to take I'll have lots to help me remember things someday." But the problem that led me to was how I store those photos. I always just load my photos onto the computer and then just leave them there for all of eternity. Unorganized, unlabeled, and unsafe. The computer hard drive could crash at any moment and I would lose a significant amount of my photos. {I know, I know I should "back them up"}

My next thought was: I need to start scrapbooking. It will force me to actually get the photos printed, as well as organize and label them in an album.

Now, if you know anything about me, you know that I get these grand ideas to start new hobbies and then eventually they fade off until the hobby is just a distant {foggy} memory. Like that sewing machine I bought and promised I would start using....uhhh yeah {Although I still stand by the fact that every girl should have a sewing machine, whether she uses it or not}.

Because I know myself, I'm hesitant to go out and spend a lot of money on a new "hobby" if it means it will probably go to waste. But when I stepped into the scrapbooking aisles at Hobby Lobby today, I was faced with complete scrapbook overload. And that sh*t's expensive too!

These are some of the things that went through my mind as I shopped: "I need a paper cutter to scrapbook...that's basic." "Oh a star-shaped hole punch....that's completely necessary." "Three value packs of scrapbook paper that each contain 300 sheets isn't too much because you never know when you'll need a certain type, color or design of paper!"

Soon I realized that this was crazy and was able to reign myself in. I only ended up buying a simple album and one value pack of cardstock. I figured I'd start simple with my first album, and if it's something that I think I can maintain, maybe I'll go for more decoration and supplies in the future.

Wish me luck!

And if there are any "scrappers" out there {Danielle I know you do!}: How do you keep from going broke? What are the essential scrapbooking tools for a beginner? Fill me with your scrapping wisdom!


  1. My aunt is a big scrapbooker and used to sell scrapbook stuff. She got me and my mom really in to it. It's easy to get tempted by everything, but I learned to stay focused by devoting books to specific topics: i.e. one for vacations, one for friends, one for family holidays, one for just things my mom and I did together, etc. If I focused on a certain subject and just bought a few decorative things at a time to complete a few pages on that subject, I saved money. Otherwise, I'd go to Hobby Lobby/my aunt and buy everything I thought was cute and not end up using half of it.

    Plus I just think it makes for a more interesting book if they are more focused.

    Hopefully that makes sense somewhat! GL!

  2. We could be sisters. I have a horrible memory too. I totally understand your pain in not remmebering movies...most of the time I can't even remember if I've seen a movie or not, much less the plot, actors/actresses/quotes! When I get together with my High School friends they will remember people we graduated with (mind you I graduated with 35 people) that I won't recall....that is when you know it's bad!


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