Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy Week Recap & My Mom's Famous Chicken Salad Recipe

I've been MIA this week because it was a crazy busy one! Here's a recap:

I went to the grocery store after work and quickly realized that it was a BAD idea to grocery shop on a Monday evening. The place was crazy! It took forever to get through the store and the checkout lines. By the time I got home we were starving so any plans we had to cook a "real" dinner went out the window. Luckily I had just purchased a rotisserie chicken so we plopped some chicken on a plate, microwaved some veggies and warmed up some dinner rolls. Definitely not what I had planned but it worked in a pinch.

I got word earlier in the day that my BFF had her baby girl! We had plans to head out their way after work to see the baby (they live about 45 minutes from us). However, when the time came around Alex wasn't feeling very well and we didn't want to expose the baby to any potential illness so we didn't end up going. We didn't have the energy to cook dinner so we went out to Cheddar's.

After work we did actually go out to visit Kim, Ricky and their new baby girl, Audrey Grace. She was so beautiful! We ate dinner on the way out there at a place that specializes in "Chicago style stuffed pizza". It was quite tasty! Here are some pictures from our visit with the baby:

Me with Baby Audrey

Thursday night I hosted Bunco at my house! I kept the food simple and made my mom's "famous" chicken salad (recipe below) served on mini croissants and Copycat La Madeline Tomato Basil Soup (click the link for recipe).

Mom's Famous Chicken Salad
Source: Mom

1 rotisserie chicken, deboned & chopped
3 stalks celery, chopped
½ onion chopped
1-2 Cups of red seedless grapes, slice in half (to taste & color)
¼-1/2 cup of toasted & chopped nuts (pecans or walnuts)
2 packets of Splenda
Salt (to taste)
Fresh ground pepper (to taste)
¾ cup light Helmann’s mayo (adjust to your taste)
Juice from half a lemon

Combine all ingredients…I usually chop by hand…but, you can also put in food processor for finer chopping if you’re making finger sandwiches, etc.

Date night! After the crazy busy week we had Alex and I were needing some time to reconnect. So we went out to dinner and then to a movie. We saw the movie Date Night and it was really cute!

Game night at our friend's house. They served brats & burgers and we played several games throughout the night. Game nights are ALWAYS fun and intense with our group of friends!

Phew!! I'm exhausted just typing all that out! Thank goodness this coming week looks to be a little less busy (knock on wood).

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