Monday, August 3, 2009

Bought with the Best of Intentions

So I MIGHT have made an impulse purchase today. You see, the past couple days I've had the itch to make a valance to go over the kitchen window. I don't know why the urge hit me so suddenly, given that I've been living without a window treatment on the kitchen window for a year and half now just did okay?!?

So as I began thinking about valances/window treatments I realized that I
needed a sewing machine to make them.
Don't even give me that crap about how there are no-sew options for window treatments out there...I'm trying to justify a purchase here!!

As I was saying, I realized I needed a sewing machine to not only make the valance but also to make things like curtains, pillows, our future offspring's clothing, etc. The possibilities are endless! I may not be an expert sewer but I took a Home Ec class in junior high and I can follow directions...that's good enough right?!

I talked to my mom about my need for a sewing machine but she told me I didn't need one because I could borrow hers that she hardly ever uses. But she lives 3 hours away from me so I ignored her advice. Sorry, Mom!

Then things just downright started to fall into place. had a l
arge selection of sewing machines, one of which is a Project Runway special edition sewing machine....!!! I effing love Project Runway! Not to mention, it was affordable ($150...but only $125 once I used my Walmart gift card) and got great ratings...clearly, that had to be my sewing machine!

So I bought it. I can feel you rolling your eyes and judging me right now so
STOP IT. It's an investment, people! You will eat your words when you see my beautiful finished valance and future offspring's adorable homemade clothing!

Here she is:
It arrives in the mail in a few days! ***squeal***


  1. Congratulations on your purchase! I still use the same sewing machine I bought 24 yrs. ago. Aren't you lucky I saved ALL those patterns. In fact, I have some great patterns for valances!

  2. Obviously my first reaction was that you were nuts, but I totally agree it's an investment ;) I can see you 8 months pregnant, with 3 kids running around the house and you sewing away to make enough clothes to keep up with them all! Good thinking!!

  3. I can't wait to see the new curtains...and all those baby clothes...with my grandbabies in them, of course! ;-) (sorry, couldn't resist!)

  4. Wait - you never said it was a Project Runway edition. I'm not sure I bless off on this now...

  5. ahahahahaha.......ahahahahaha......I laughed out loud and Autumn looked at me like I was crazy! When does the new season of Project Runway start?


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