Friday, September 17, 2010

Fake Friday Confessions & Favorites

Today is Friday! That should excite me, but alas, it doesn't because I have to work tomorrow. On a Saturday. And it's already been really freaking long week. Somebody kill me now.

Because of my Fake Friday, I'm feeling venty and super random so I'm gonna throw out some of confessions on here to try to make myself feel better:

1. I'm counting down the days until we move just so I can have an excuse to leave my current job. I do love parts of it and I'm grateful to have had the experience but I am so ready for a break. The non-stop stress really wears on me. And I'm not gonna lie, the thought of being able to be a stay-at-home-wife for 6 months makes me REALLY happy. I am fully aware that I will probably get bored and wish that I had a job again about 1 month into this (maybe less).

2. I wish geckos and giant spiders did not exist. Or at least could not find their way into my house. I found one of each of those things in my house yesterday and just about lost it. ::::shudders:::: Oh also: I don't feel the least bit guilty about killing them. If there is a PETA movement to protect the lives of geckos and/or spiders I should probably be their main target.

3. I don't find it funny when people make fun of me for being pale-skinned. "You're so pale that you reflect" or "I need sunglasses to look at you" is not freaking funny. But now I usually try to deflect those comments by making fun of myself by saying them first. Actually, come to think of it, that's the way I deal with a lot of my insecurities.

4. I judge people who smoke and/or go to tanning beds (I guess this one goes along with the pale comments). I just don't understand why you would willingly do that kind of harm to your body.

5. I often wish I wasn't such a jealous person. It's not a good personality trait and it's not worth it to compare myself to other's situations. I often have to remind myself that no one's life is perfect, despite the way it may appear. One person's life shouldn't affect the way I feel about mine.


I almost ended my post there but then I decided that it was getting a little too heavy up in here so I thought I'd throw in some Friday Favorites too!


-Breakfast for Dinner (which is what I had last case you were wondering)

-People who adopt their pets from shelters, instead of supporting breeders or puppy mills.

-Girls Nights (which I will be having tomorrow night)

-Lindt "A touch of sea salt" Dark Chocolate (just discovered this one and I have been LOVING it as my after-dinner, mini-dessert)

Do you have any confessions or favorites? Do share!

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  1. I absolutely hate spiders and all things creepy crawly. My own moving-related confession: I have secretly hoped to be pregnant when we move so I don't have to carry stuff. I hate moving!


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