Saturday, August 1, 2009

Turning Over a New...Sponge?

Alright look, I'm not the best person in the world when it comes to keeping house. It's not that I don't like a clean house, it's just that I'm really good at finding other things to do besides cleaning. Another problem I have is that I tend to give excuses for being lazy on certain days (I had a hard day at work or I'm not feeling well) and then things start to pile up on me. By the time I finally get "in the mood" to clean the simplest tasks are way worse because I've let it get out of hand.

You know how I mentioned in my post this morning that I needed to tackle a pile of dirty dishes today? Well...
...I wasn't exaggerating. A whole lot of dishes that had piled up over the past couple days and a whole lot of laziness. Look I'm putting myself out there by posting this so don't hold it against me!

The point of all this is to say, I'm going to make a conscious effort to maintain housework, even during the week. My starting goal is just to spend 15 minutes before I go to bed each evening to either do dishes, sweep/mop the floors, clean the toilets, vacuum the rugs, WHATEVER needs doing. We'll see how it goes but I promise to give it my best effort!

And just to redeem myself, I must post a picture of the "after" of my kitchen so that you don't think I'm a total slob.
After...ahhh so much better!

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