Saturday, August 1, 2009

Today is a REALLY Good Day!

Why is today a really good day, you ask? Well, I really like lists so I will lay it out below:

1. It's a Saturday! Saturdays are good for obvious reasons...

No work (although I do plan on going into work for a few hours later today to get caught up...but still it's just the fact that I don't HAVE to work if I don't want to).

You can sleep in. I slept in until 8:50am and it was glorious. I would have probably slept later except I woke up to Libby furiously licking my arm. That's her gentle way of saying "Mom, wake up! I'm bored." It is actually not a bad way to wake up...much preferred to barking, whining, and/or depositing bodily fluids on the floor.

You can be as lazy or as productive as you want! At the moment I am choosing lazy (minus the fact that I'm updating the blog). Here is a view of what I am doing this morning:

It's really quite wonderful. Sitting in my chaise lounge with a book (which I'm almost finished to come in a future post), my computer with all my favorite websites pulled up (gmail, facebook, blogger, etc.), the remote controls to the TV, and my COFFEE (a must-have). Ahhh...bliss.

Although I'm currently choosing lazy, I do have some big plans for productivity today. Like I mentioned above, I am going into work for a bit, I have to tackle the pile of dirty dishes that I let get a bit out of control this week, I'm going to go the animal shelter and help walk the dogs for an hour or two (my new weekend tradition), I'm going to stop by Old Navy and do a little shopping since they are running a special military discount for this weekend only, and hopefully I'll get around to applying the polyurethane coats on the new coffee table and side tables.

2. Now that I got off on a tangent, reason # 2 why today is a really good day is that it's the FIRST DAY OF AUGUST!!! Ok I realize not everyone will be so excited that today is the first day of August but I have many reasons to LOVE the month of August this year.

The most exciting reason being, my husband comes home for R&R this month!!!! ::::squeal::::: R&R stands for Rest & Relaxation which is period of 15 days in which the deployed soldier gets to come home for a "break" from the deployment. It will have been 7.5 months since we've seen each other when he comes home...aka TOO LONG. I can't wait!!!

August is our anniversary month! We will be celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary this month AND my husband will conveniently be home on his R&R for our anniversary. :::squeal again:::

We are going to Cancun! We booked a trip to go to Cancun and stay at the Sun Palace for 4 nights during his R&R. It's adults only, all-inclusive resort and we are PSYCHED about it. We just really need that time to get away and reconnect (and drinking margaritas on the beach can't hurt either).

So as you can see, I have lots of reasons to think that today is a GREAT day. I hope today is great for all of you too.

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  1. I live for Saturdays.

    Glad your hubby is coming home soon!

    -Kristin (Kusiak) Christie


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