Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pointlessly Pondering Paint Colors

I've found myself pondering paint colors a lot lately. This is a dumb thing for me to ponder. Why? Because we are not allowed to paint our walls in our current house because we do not own it.

Renting is really the best option for us right now due to frequent Army moves and such but sometimes (okay...a lot) the desire to own a house of our own is overwhelming. But alas, owning a home is not in our near future so I have to cope.

All this to say, sometimes I like to pretend like we do own the home that we live in and I envision what I would do to this house if it was mine to do with as I pleased. Priority # 1 would be paint the walls. We're actually lucky that most of the rooms in this house were painted by the owner so at least they aren't boring white, but I would still change a lot about them if I had my way.

I'm totally feeling apple green walls lately. Like this:
Swoooon! I love the contrast of yellow accents with apple green walls. Delicious!

Oh and this soothing robins egg blue color for our bedroom.
I feel more relaxed just looking at it!

Finally, I'm so feeling the subdued modernistic look of this slate gray wall and neutral accessories.Oh. Oh my. Love. So beautiful!

Ok. Now that I'm done day dreaming and torturing myself, I shall go to bed in my awful, mauvey-pink, very 90's colored bedroom. Boo.

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  1. I want to own a house too!!! Definitely the first thing I would do is PAINT....I want to freaking own a house, so I can paint an accent that too much to ask for?!!!! Apparently it is when your an Army wife.....oh, the sacrifices we make!


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