Monday, July 11, 2011

This Week in Fitness

Another week in fitness, another week of just-okay workouts. I have obviously been less than motivated lately and my workouts have suffered.

I think my lackluster workout regime is a result of:

A) The ridiculous heat. It's like pulling teeth to get me to go run outside these days. Most of my runs are done on the treadmill, or more appropriately the "dreadmill". I hate running on a treadmill BUT at least it can be done in an air conditioned room with a fan blasting. Ah well...I'll get back on my running routine when the Fall arrives. :)

B) The house purchase/the impending move. My mind has obviously been elsewhere lately and I'm okay with that! It's an exciting time for us and there is a lot to get done before and after the move. We're less than 3 weeks away from moving so there are a lot of appointments to set up, calls to make, moving prep to do, etc.

Anyway, after making excuses, now I'll let you look at my workouts for the week. I'm still proud of the fact that I fit in what I did!

Monday 7/4: 2-mile jog

Tuesday 7/5: Jackie Warner's X-treme Timesaver Training DVD

Wednesday 7/6: Rest

Thursday 7/7: Jogged 3 miles + some tricep dips & pushups

Friday 7/8: Sexy & Strong (from Exercise OnDemand) + Butt Bible Lower 1** (from Exercise OnDemand) + 10-minute jog

**Yes, I do realize that "Butt Bible" is quite possibly the most annoying name for a workout video ever. And the host is also extremely annoying. However, I felt the burn in my I guess there's that.

Saturday 7/9: 2-mile jog

Sunday 7/10: Jackie's Power Circuit Training DVD

How was your week in fitness? Do you notice your workout motivation slipping during certain times of the year or around big events?

We need to all keep this in mind sometimes:
So true!

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  1. I like the inspirational statement! And I TOTALLY feel ya on the heat affecting your workouts! It drains me of any energy!


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