Monday, July 4, 2011

This Week in Fitness

Monday 6/27: Rest

Tuesday 6/28: Jackie's Power Circuit Training DVD

Wednesday 6/29: The 100 Workout (more details below)

Thursday 6/30: 45 minute power walk on the treamill with alternating incline (between 4.0-6.0)

Friday 7/1: Jillian Michaels' No More Trouble Zones DVD

Saturday 7/2: Rest

Sunday 7/3: Rest

On Wednesday I tried a new workout that I found...
I totally underestimated this workout! I wasn't all that intimidated by it, but it definitely had me sweating and burning like a beast!

My thoughts on it...

-I added a 1-minute warm-up by lightly jogging in place before I began.

-The jumping jacks were easy for me. I was breathing heavier by the end but nothing impossible.

- The crunches were HARD...especially the first set of 90. I had to take mini-breaks after every 20-25 or so because my abs suck. For the second set of crunches I changed it to Bicycle Crunches because I wanted to work a different part of my ab muscles.

-The squats were tough and my legs were feeling the burn. I took a couple min-breaks in this round too.

-I wasn't sure what it meant by "Leg Lifts" since there are many different variations, so I just took it to mean lying side leg lifts. (Where you lay on one side, resting on your elbow, and raise the top leg straight up and down) I did 35 on each side for the first round of leg lifts and then 15 on each side for the second round. They weren't too bad but I did feel the burn in my outer thighs for sure!

-The 10 minute run at the end might have been the hardest part because I was already sweaty and my legs were fatigued. I felt like I was having to drag my legs along just to get them to move! But by the end it wasn't so bad.

-I added a 5 minute cooldown walk at the end.

-I wish this workout incorporated some arm exercises. I think that's the one are it's lacking, but I could always add some in next time.

Overall though, a great workout that I would definitely do again! Let me know if you try it!

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