Friday, May 6, 2011

This Week in Fitness

I accidentally posted this on Friday so if you've already seen part of this, I apologize for repeating. I quickly deleted the post after I realized what I did, but I think it may still have shown up on Google Reader.

Monday 5/2:
Jogged 4 miles + 60 minute Yoga to the People Podcast

Tuesday 5/3: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism (from Exercise OnDemand -- it's a killer high intensity cardio workout!) + Tone It Up's Lean Arms Pyramid

Wednesday 5/4: 2 hour hike with some friends

Thursday 5/5: Jogged 3 miles

Friday 5/6: 10 lb Slimdown Lower + 20 Min. Fat Burn (both are from Exercise OnDemand) + 40 minute walk with the pup

Saturday 5/7: Jogged 3 miles

Sunday 5/8: I went to the gym with my husband, but I wasn't feeling motivated so I really just messed around while he worked out. I shot some hoops, did some box jumps, a couple of weight moves and that's about it.

I don't have time for a favorite fitness tune or tip of the week, because I've got to get ready to head to Tucson today! We're going out for my early birthday dinner at The Melting Pot! I've never been to a Melting Pot before so I'm SUPER excited!!

How was your week of fitness? Did you try anything new?

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