Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random Rants

I'm bored at work today {which never happens} because my computer got confiscated so the IT department could upgrade it to Vista. What if I don't freaking want to be upgraded to Vista? "You don't have a choice." Fine. Take my freaking computer and I'll just play on a different computer all day since I can only access my files and work email from MY computer. My job pretty much relies on my computer so there's not much I can do today. Hence the blog updating and random ranting. Let's get started:


Pandora Internet Radio
is AWESOME! It's a free internet radio service that caters to your specific taste in music. And I love it.

Unfortunately, it's blocked on our computers at work {bastards}. I mean really, what harm does it do to allow your employees to listen to music on their computers?!? In fact, I would probably get MORE done if I was able to have music playing at my desk.

So a big EFF YOU to the IT peeps that decided it was okay to allow access to FACEBOOK but not to Pandora. Facebook is less distracting than harmless background music...REALLY?!?

Oh and P.S. don't even think about leaving any snarky comments about how I could listen to music on a radio {aka the old fashioned way} because my office is literally a closet that got transformed into an office so I can't get a lick of radio reception in there. And I don't own CD's anymore so that won't work. All my music is on my iPod but I'm not about to go out and spend money on an iPod docking station for my office that would be way too easy for someone to steal. So just stop thinking of alternatives and say it with me: shove it IT department!


On another note, WTF is up with this whole Balloon Boy drama?! What kind of whack jobs do you have to be to think of such an elaborate {and stupid} plan and then be dumb enough to get CAUGHT. Idiots! Throw the parents into jail and get those kids some therapy STAT.


The Biggest Loser is on tonight and I'm super excited about it!!! It's one of the only shows that I still get excited about watching. So inspiring and fascinating to watch them drop crazy amounts of weight every week.

{I really really really hope Tracy gets the boot tonight. What a crazy b!tch!}


Wow this post sure did live up to it's "Random" title. haha.


  1. So what I gather from this is that you wasted time all day playing ont the spare computer in my office...and really missed Monty and I.

  2. I had Pandora on my Blackberry. That was great to play in the office. My network too blocked it. I think it has something to do with how much bandwith that music and video takes up. (You can't get Youtube either, right?)

  3. Ash-
    Do what I used to do which was to put one ipod headphone bud in ONE ear so I could listen to music and easily hide it by putting my hand to ear and leaning on the desk if any bosses came by:)

    ps vista sucks

  4. You can only listen to Pandora for 40 hours a month free. After that, you have to pay a subscription. 40 hours sounds like a lot, unless you listen to it all day at work.

  5. TRACY was crazy. I am sad that we share the same name... but you have to admit, in the "where are they now" spot where they showed her on the beach...she was looking really good!

    Do you cry as much as I do when I watch that show???


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