Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Halloween Decor :)

Today the weather around here looks like this:
A.K.A. Pouring rain. The perfect day to do some overdue blogging! {And yes I just love looking out my front door at the house across the street with 50 bajillion cars parked in their driveway and in front. That's not even the full extent of it! There are like 3 more cars parked along the street to the right of where this photo stops and they are there all.the.time. Klassy!}

I know you've been anxiously awaiting more Halloween decor and your wish is my demand! Yesterday at the grocery store I picked up these two beauties for my front porch:

The punks in my neighborhood better not even THINK about touching my pumpkins!! I also replaced my Aggie football wreath with this:

{It's driving me NUTS that this sign is sitting off center but everytime I try to fix it it just gets screwed up again as soon as I close the door. Grr!}
When I bought my large pumpkins at the grocery store, I also bought some baby ones that I am in love with! I used some of them to spruce up my table setting:

Love the pop of the orange on the black and white background of the plates! Here's a view of the whole dining table:
Cute! {If I do say so myself} I have a confession about this table's just for looks! I had some of my very best girl friends over last night for dinner and they all complimented me on my table setting...except we ate off of paper plates in the living room instead of using it. Hehe! What a great hostess I am!
This is a ribbon garland that I made last year {inspired by this post at Your Homebased Mom}:

{Please excuse the ugly navy blue valance that was here when we moved's on my list of things to replace. Oh and the BRIGHT yellow walls...they are actually much brighter than they look in this photo. Oh the life of a renter!} Here's a closeup of the ribbon garland:

It was super easy! All you do is buy a bunch of Halloween-colored ribbon, cut it into equal length pieces, and then start tying it onto a long piece of cording or rope.

Here's another homemade Halloween decoration that I made last year {inspired by that same post at Your Homebased Mom}.

Thanks, Angie for reminding me about this banner...I had actually kind of forgotten about it! Also super easy to make. I think I'm going to do a tutorial later on how to make this one so I'll leave you in suspense for right now! {Not that it's difficult to figure out on your own} :)
Here's a glass hurricane that I picked up from Goodwill, filled with coffee beans, and one of the mini-pumpkins found it's home on top.
And a couple more Halloween touches:
And just for kicks, a picture of my Libbers:

I'm thinking she needs a Halloween bandana or something to match the rest of the house! She's clashing! :)


  1. Love the decor. Especially those beautiful black and clear plates that your favorite Aunt gave you. HE HE

  2. I already got Autumn a Halloween scarf from Wal-Mart. It is seriously SO cute...she looks preppy in it, and of course she HATES it! But who cares she looks so cute in it!

  3. Wonderful! You might try double sided tape or that yellow, silly putty stuff to keep the door decoration from banging all over.

    But I could never be so creative as the rest! I love the coffee beans in the jar.--
    Your MIL


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