Monday, October 5, 2009

Giddy for Goodwill

Along with my recent Dollar Tree obsession, I've also become enamoured with Goodwill. I just love love love it for awesome and cheap home decor items. I stop at Goodwill at least once a week and I almost never come away without making a purchase....which I don't feel the least bit guilty about because it's so CHEAP!

I also have a little secret about shopping at Goodwill that I believe helps me snag all the awesome stuff before other people. I actually debated on whether or not to share this "secret" for fear that giving away my secret would cause me some shopping competition...and as selfish as it is, I want first dibs on all the best stuff!!

But in the end I realized that one reason I write this blog is to try to help and inform people about cool stuff. So, I will share my secret. Are you ready? Here goes...

Shop Goodwill on Mondays. Most people bring their donations to Goodwill on the weekends, so shopping on Monday usually means you get first dibs on all the new stuff that came in over the weekend. I'm certainly not saying this is a foolproof plan but I have noticed a significant change in the quantity and quality of items when shopping on a Monday vs. say a Thursday.

So today I made my Monday stop at Goodwill and I found a couple things that I'm really excited about.
That's 5 antique-looking books and an adorable Santa Clause figurine! {Excuse the TV on in the background. Mondays not only mean Goodwill but also Dancing with the Stars which is a must-watch for me!}
Look at those yellowed pages and worn bindings. Swoon!!! I got the books for $1.99 each. Worth every penny.

I used a few of them to raise up a puny lamp on my side table. And that glass hurricane was a Goodwill find from a couple Mondays ago.

The other two found their home on the bottom shelf of this table. They look right at home there!

I think I inherited my mom's love of Santa figurines. This little baby was $2.99!! Score! Now I can't wait for Christmas season so I can display him.


  1. I was so thinking about going to Goodwill today!!! I might have to go next week since we have the day off.

  2. Ashley, when I was going to college at NIU, on Main Street, there were cute apartments built in the 1920's above all the store fronts. Well, my apartment was upstairs over the GOODWILL! You can only imagine the excitement DAILY (especially being a design major, I would revamp all sorts of "vintage" clothes) and I decorated my whole apartment that way. It was A BLAST! I am happy to hear you have discovered all the secret treasure! PS this is your Aunt Rita even though I am signed in as anonymous....


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