Sunday, September 13, 2009

Libby's Story

WARNING: This is really a purely selfish post to show off how cute my dog is.
See what I mean?!? Libby is a 4 year old Terrier Mix {a.k.a. mutt...but we don't tell her that}. We adopted Libby from the Houston SPCA a year ago. As I was walking along looking at all the dogs lined up in their cages at the SPCA, I came across Libby who looked totally different from all the Labs, Golden Retrievers, etc. And while all the other dogs were barking like mad and going crazy, Libby was just politely sitting there with a big "smile" on her face. She was the perfect size {about 35 pounds} and I totally fell in love with her when we took her to the "play area" to "meet her". She was so loving and had a really happy air about her.

So, we adopted her! How could we not with a face like this?!?
The details on Libby's previous life are a little sketchy. All we know for sure is that her previous owners gave her up to the SPCA because they were moving, and I guess they couldn't take her with them. I still fail to realize how someone could give up a dog like Libby for such a dumb reason, but I'm glad they did so we could get her!

We also think that Libby was a stray before she was adopted by her previous owners because she has a "tattoo" on her belly that is a female sign with a slash through it. The vet told us the tattoo signifies that she has been spayed and they usually only tattoo dogs with this symbol if they are strays or homeless so that their future owners will know she's already been spayed. So my poor Libby probably had a pretty interesting life before we found her. Another sign that she may have had some abuse in her past was that she was VERY "head shy" when we first adopted her {a.k.a. she always ducked whenever we went to pet if she was scared we were going to hurt her}. I hate to think of what might have happened to her in the past. :-(

But, luckily we found her and now she has a great life. She gets to lounge on furniture and sleeps in the bed with us {spoiled}.

She has a few "quirks" but those are part of what we love about her. When we first got her she had a serious jumping problem but we've been working on that and she's gotten a lot better now.

She also likes to "talk back" to us like the spoiled little brat that she is. For example, if you tell her "No!" she sometimes growls back at you. Not in a vicious way, just in a funny way. Or when you aren't paying enough attention to her she'll growl at you as if she's saying "Pet me or else!"

She also likes to "sing". If you start howling she'll howl right along with you. It's pretty funny.

Finally, her most annoying but also lovable quirk is her licking. One of her nicknames is "Licky" because she never. stops. licking. It's crazy! And she'll lick anything...legs, hands, faces, furniture, the bedspread, the floor, etc. Sometimes she'll even lick so much that her tongue gets "stuck" on the thing she's licking. It's hilarious but you really have to see it to believe it.

But with all her quirks, we really couldn't have asked for a more perfect dog. She came potty trained, she's eager to please, she's not much of a "destroyer", she loves to sleep, she couldn't hurt a fly {good for future little ones} and she's super cute.

Oh and Libby loves playing dress up...Pretty in Pink Libby

Patriotic Bikini Libby

Rocker Mohawk Libby

Princess Libby

{Libby would like to thank her "Aunt" Andrea for most of these dress-up ideas. She misses having her Aunt around!}

I would like to encourage everyone to adopt their pets instead of buying them from pet stores or backyard breeders. It's usually cheaper to adopt and they come spayed or neutered and usually with all their shots already. is a great website to use to find dogs up for adoption. You can even search by the breed if you're only interested in a certain breed!

If you can't adopt a dog right now but you want to help out, I recommend volunteering at your local animal shelter. Or donate food, money or supplies to the shelter! They can ALWAYS use extra hands and/or supplies.

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