Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Dresser of a Different Color

This is the story of an old dresser originally purchased from Target that looked like this one:

Photo from

I'm more of a dark wood kind of girl so I'm really not sure why I even purchased this dresser in such a light color. I bought it when I was in college so maybe I was hungover the day I bought it?? Who knows.

The point is I wasn't feeling it anymore. It was just sitting in my guest room being hated by me. So I decided to paint it and make it purty. Only problem was that this dresser is laminate, not
wood. Can you even paint laminate??

Yes, yes you can. First I removed the hardware {well actually this part happened when my
husband was home on R&R so I made him take off the hardware}. Then I used our palm sander to sand off the top layer, being careful not to sand down too far. You just want to get off the shiny laminate part. I forgot to get a picture of this step...sorry. :(

Then I used a small foam roller brush to paint on a primer that said it was suitable for laminate. {Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Primer to be exact}. Here's what she looked like after two coats of primer:
The only thing that sucks about this primer that I used is that it needs 7 days to completely dry. SEVEN DAYS?!?! Don't you realize I'm an instant gratification kind of girl???? So, I begrudgingly left the dresser to dry for 7 days {it was torture}. Once the primer is completely dry go back over the primer with sand paper to smooth out any bumps and things.

Then I was finally able to get to the paintin' part. Yahoo!!! I painted it an off-white Kilz color {and again I used a small foam roller brush}. Once it was painted and dried I reattached the hardware and VOILA!
I just love the way it turned out!! I probably should have given it a coat of polyurethane to protect the paint but I was way too impatient for the final product so I skipped it {for now...maybe I'll do it later}.

I love the feeling of a finished project!

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