Thursday, December 3, 2009

Under Pressure

Let me introduce you to little Ashlex, our future child, according to drumroll please.................................................................

I think Ashlex is pretty cute, in a semi-creepy kind of way! I had never done one of these "What will your baby look like?" things so this was fun.

But the most fun part was the email I sent to my mom with the subject line "Our Baby" and the photo attached.

You see, my mom is...hmmm how shall I say this....OBSESSED with the idea of being a grandma. Aren't you supposed to DREAD being a grandma?!? Well...she doesn't. It's ridiculous. And she tends to get just a teeeeensy bit jumpy at any mention of ANYTHING that could POSSIBLY be related to Alex and I having a baby.

For example, I say "Ugh I feel nauseous." Mom gasps and says "Morning sickness?!?!?"

Or I look at a very cute baby in church and say "Aww...cute." Mom's response: "Not nearly as cute as YOUR baby will be." ::wink::

My dad isn't much better either. In fact, he could even be worse, considering his speech at our rehearsal dinner involved him holding up a baby cousin of mine like she was Simba from the Lion King and saying something along the lines of "THIS is what you and Alex need to produce now." WE WERE NEGATIVE 24 HOURS MARRIED AT THIS POINT. So you can only imagine the pressure we get from him now that we are 2+ years married.

OH! One more story. {I could go on for hours about my parents baby-centric antics.} Our first Christmas as a married couple came about 4 months after our wedding. My mom put a PREGNANCY TEST in my stocking. She claimed she "just wanted to see the look on my face" but we all know that this was actually a thinly veiled plot.

Want proof? Here is when I looked in the stocking and saw what it was. I'm looking at her with the "I can't believe you did this" look.
And here I am giving the death stare and holding up my precious "present".

I've since learned that the best plan of action against this is to do nothing....other than roll my eyes. Because if I try to explain how we're still young and we're not quite ready to be parents yet they just come back at me with 25 reasons why we SHOULD be ready.

So anyway, when I sent the "Our Baby" email to my mom I knew it would get her all flustered so I was anxiously awaiting her response.

Her response was "Don't ever do that to me again." hahahaha

Sorry, Mom!! It was just too easy.

{And in all honesty, it actually makes me happy how excited both of my parents are for future grandchildren because I know our future children will be SO LOVED by Grandma and Grandpa. But they could be a little more discreet about their excitement for pete's sake! :) }


  1. hahah...I love your Mom, that is the funniest stocking story ever!

  2. So, should I take back the stroller and carseat I got you and Alex for Christmas this year??

  3. HAHAHAHA I finally got around to reading this and cracked up at the stocking story.


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