Saturday, December 5, 2009

Cool Etsy Product Alert

It's a purse organizer! It keeps things well-organized, easy to find AND it makes it super easy to change your purse! Just take out the purse organizer and place it in the new purse.

I literally only change out my purse every 5-6 months or so because I am ENTIRELY too impatient to move all my purse crap on a regular basis. I always wonder how people have the patience for doing that all the time, but this purse organizer is the perfect solution!

The best part is it's only $28, which I think is pretty reasonable for a homemade purse organizer! I really want this thing, but I've already made my extensive wish list and at this point buying anything for myself when I should be buying Christmas presents would just be irresponsible. So for now, I will hold myself back from the instinct to buy that sucker faster than a hobo eats a ham sandwich. {sorry, that was bad}

P.S. I originally saw this purse organizer mentioned on the Failed Feminist blog. It's a great blog so check it out! And she may have even inspired a "What's in my purse?" post for me. We shall see.

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  1. That is such a neat idea! Maybe you could use your sewing skills and make one!


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