Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Grocery Store Guinea Pig

I am a sucker for new food products. I fully admit it. Anytime I see something new and different on the shelves I just HAVE to try it. Sometimes it works out great, sometimes it doesn't. So I decided to start sharing some of my food finds with my blog readers so that you can know whether it's any good or not without wasting your hard earned money! Pay close attention to the super-special, critically-acclaimed rating system commonly known as Ashley's Rating. Let the rating begin!!

Sunsweet Plum Sweets: I saw these Plum Sweets on one of my favorite healthy-eating websites, Hungry Girl {subscribe to her daily emails...they are awesome!!} I thought they were a great way to get your antioxidants both through the dark chocolate and through the prunes. My only complaint with these is that you can barely tell that there are prunes inside of the chocolate coating. It basically just seems like chewy dark chocolate and I personally wouldn't mind more plum flavor. ASHLEY'S RATING: One thumb up

Yoplait Delights: I've seen these on lots of commercials lately and decided to give them a try. I'm not really a big yogurt fan {I think it's the tanginess of it that I don't like} so I was hopeful that these would be a yogurt that I actually liked. After all, I LOVE the combination of raspberry and chocolate. After tasting them though, I decided I'm still just not sold on yogurt. To me it just tasted weird to have tangy flavored chocolate. But I guess if you like yogurt then you will probably like these. ASHLEY'S RATING: One thumb down

Alexia Onion Strips: I first saw these Onion Strips on Top Chef Las Vegas and was intrigued by them. I figured they would be frozen onion rings but they're more like potato chips. They are like Funyuns but way better! I couldn't stop eating them, which is not good since I am trying to be healthy and these don't exactly fit into the "healthy" category. Oh well! ASHLEY'S RATING: One thumb up {would have gotten two thumbs up if they were healthy!}

Jell-o Mousse Cups: I spotted these Jell-o Mousse cups on the shelves and knew I had to try them. For some odd reason, I'm not a big pudding fan but I LOVE mousse. I know...that doesn't make any sense. I think I just like the lighter texture of mousse as compared to the heavy texture of pudding. Anyway, these are probably my FAVORITE of all the new products that I tried!! The best part of all is that they are only 60 calories...score!! This is definitely my new go-to dessert to satisfy my post-dinner sweet tooth. {OH and if you go to the Jell-o website you can get a coupon for $0.50 off. Even bigger score!} ASHLEY'S RATING: Two Thumbs UP!!

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  1. Keep doing more of these? Please and thank you :) But no more yucky plum stuff... ugh!

    And I think I need some mousse cups in my life.


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