Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All I Want For Christmas...

...is the things on this list! I always love reading/hearing about other people's wish lists because it gives me ideas of things to ask for and/or give for gifts. I readily admit that I suck at thinking of things to ask for as gifts and I REALLY suck at giving gifts. I can just never think of anything good when the time comes to actually buy something for someone. Maybe it's the pressure?

Anyway, below is my 2009 Christmas List that I started way back in early October so I could be sure to have time to think of stuff. The dollar signs at the end of each item stand for the price range:

$ = $50ish or under / $$ = $55-$150 / $$$ = $155 and up

Ashley's Christmas Wish List 2009
  • Bare Minerals SPF 15 Foundation in “Fairly Light”: I love me some Bare Minerals but it's so expensive that I refuse to buy it for myself. I've always been a drugstore makeup kind of girl so it's hard for me to justify the extra cost of this stuff, despite how much I love it! $
  • Workout Apparel (tops, shorts, Capri pants, sports bras, etc.)
  • Bike Seat Gel Pad (for Spin class) $
  • This work-appropriate dress in size 6 $$ SOLD OUT
  • This perfume from Mary Kay and matching solid perfume and lotion $
  • Mary Kay Microderm Abrasion Set $
  • Mary Kay Timewise Miracle Set: Can you tell that I went to a Mary Kay Party recently?? :) $$
  • Non-nickel Earrings: (I’m allergic to nickel). Especially the big dangly kind. $
  • Digital SLR Camera: I honestly didn't expect this to be something I would actually get. I've been asking for one for going on two years now without much luck. But this year my husband is actually buying me one!! I guess the deployment made him a softie. Plus, he's getting a new truck...so the least I should get is a new camera! :) I can't WAIT to see what he picks out and to use my new camera. $$$
  • High-quality Cookie Sheets: The heavy duty, non-stick kind. My cookie sheets are from my college days and they have seen better days. $
  • Flip Mino HD video camera: We have one of these at work and I love it. So small and easy to use! $$
  • Cute Cosmetic Bag: Not picky on color/style as long as it’s cute. I like medium-sized ones usually. $
  • High-Quality, King-Size Bed Sheets/pillow cases: in white, light blue, or mint green. We only have one set of sheets for our master bed because nice sheets are so dang expensive and it seems ridiculous to spend $100+ on a backup sheet set! $$


  1. I love Marshall's for sheets.....they have better quality and are cheaper than anywhere I've found. :) Drew and I will be finally getting a king size bed this spring! so we are asking for bedding also. 25 years, and still in my queen bed from Jr. High on up, so funny! Drew Jr. is home and we've had awesome visits already. He's looking forward to seeing y'all Sat. xo

  2. You didn't get a million pair of sheets for your wedding? We did!

  3. I asked for an SLR too and I think it is in a box next to my bed (wrapped in baby shower paper...men) but we didnt get any sheets for our bed either...well we got 3 sets but I don't like them I only like one set and just keep washing them, good thing they are super high quality!!

  4. Check out Tuesday Morning for sheets!


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