Friday, August 19, 2011

Mil Spouse Friday Fill-In #54

Well, hello there!

You may or may not have wondered if my absence meant I'd fallen into a black hole on my way to Tennessee, but I did not! We made it to our new duty station, closed on our house (!!!), moved in, and have been furiously attempting to get settled ever since. I'll be sure to update you on the new house more when I really get the time, but for now I'll just leave you with this week's MilSpouse Fill-In.

1. My spouse and I rarely agree on what to watch on TV (I like trashy reality, he likes boring history and corny sitcoms), but always agree on how to spend our free time (we like to do the same movies, cook, eat, etc).

2. If I could use one word to sum up the way I feel right now, it would be overwhelmed. We still have so many things to do with this house to get settled, plus I need to find a job soonish so we can AFFORD all the home improvements! :)

3. One of the things my spouse does that grosses me out is he's not very good about brushing his teeth at night before bed. I think that's gross, but he thinks it's normal. I always tell him he's going to get cavities but he NEVER does so I guess that argument doesn't work...

4. My readers may think I’m crazy for doing this, but I really love to try new foods that some may consider weird or gross. I've eaten raw quail egg, raw beef (beef tartare), caviar, duck liver (foie gras), cow thymus gland (sweetbreads), pig intestine (chitlins), etc. I'm a strong believer in always at least trying something before you say you don't like it, and most of the time I'm surprised at how delicious it is!

5. Frankly, my dear, I don’t want to read about how much you love your spouse EVERY SINGLE DAY on Facebook. I've noticed a ton of people doing this lately and I don't get it! Just send them a private message! It's weird that you feel the need to profess your love in a public manner on a daily basis...and it makes me wonder if you are trying to prove something.
End of rant....phew!


  1. I LOVE reading people's public posts on Facebook! It makes me happy when people are in love and aren't afraid to show it. I am one of these people that you speak of, and I feel entitled to my public displays of affection given that we JUST got married, and my hubby's on another continent! That's like saying that we shouldn't give each other a hug or kiss in public (if we were actually together in person).

  2. I love trying new things but will stop just short of "too exotic"... that is, until my hubby makes fun of me. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don't. Your list sounds like everything my hubbby loves, lol! Following via MFF :) Hope you had a great weekend!


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