Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things I'm Loving

It has been a while since my last "Things I'm Loving" post. And by "a while" I mean like 6+ months. I guess I haven't been very loving lately.

1. Nail Polish.
Check out my collection! And yes, I'm a nail polish snob. OPI (or China Glaze as a 2nd best option) all the way!

Going for the muted tones this week.

I just can't get enough of it. If you catch me with my nails unpainted, go buy yourself a freakin' lottery ticket immediately because it must be a sign! I seriously don't ever leave my nails unpainted anymore. It just makes me happy to look down and see a little splash of color on my fingertips. Plus, I think I have weirdly shaped fingers so this helps normalize things a bit. :)

2. Arizona Sunsets.
Beautiful. Enough said.

3. White Bean & Basil Hummus from Trader Joe's.
Sooooo freaking good! I love mixing it in with unexpected things too, like eggs.

4. Woohoo by Christina Aquilera (feat. Nicki Minaj)
Yes, it's inappropriate. No, it takes no actual talent to sing this song. But it's just so damn catchy! Great workout tune! "Licky licky, yum yum!"

5. Getting my ass kicked by my husband at the gym.
No pictures to document this (thankfully) but he put me through his Kettlebell workout at the gym 3 days ago and I'm STILL sore. Thanks, husband. (I think he secretly enjoyed seeing me suffer.)

6. Garnier Moisture Rescue Fresh Cleansing Foam face wash
Moving to AZ did a number on my skin....my face was flaky, dry, itchy, etc. and no amount of moisturizer seemed to help. Then I realized that it might be my face wash was too harsh and drying so I ponied up the money for a special "moisture rescue" face wash and prayed that it worked. Well, it did! I love this stuff! It washes without stripping the moisture.

7. Beckham Signature for Women
Love this perfume! I got it for Christmas from my sister-in-law and it's my new go-to scent.

8. So called "Three Buck Chuck" wine from Trader Joe's.

I'm no wine snob. The cheaper, the better (as long as it tastes good!) and this Sauvignon Blanc certainly fits the bill.

So there you have it! The things I'm loving. Do you love any of these things?


  1. I'm so with you on the nail polish!!! My nails have been super weak the last month or so but just recently they've gotten stronger so I'm back to nail polish. Woo! I'm seriously in love with CVS's quick drying polishes. The darker ones are better since sometimes you get lines. Also, Ulta has some really good polishes & they dry fast even though they aren't quick drying polishes per se'. :]

  2. Hey polish snob, try Essie. Fabulous colors and their bottles are prettier than OPI. I get them at Bed. bath and Beyond. Love that lavender btw.

  3. Is "Lucky, Lucky Lavender" on your nails? If so, it's what I'm wearing this week!

    Check out Essie and Zoya polishes. They've got really good formulas and pretty colors.

  4. We had Three Buck Chuch at my sister in laws wedding and it was really good!! This was the first that I had heard of it. Where are these Trader Joe's located??

    P.S. I'm listening to your Christina Aguilara song right now. I wonder if she lets her daughter listen to this song??


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