Monday, November 8, 2010

I love my... cognac boots!

I've been searching for the perfect pair of cognac boots for a while now. My requirements were this:
1) Must be flat...I hate wearing boots with heels.
2) Must be big enough around the calf for my giant calves....seriously they are huge and I hate that it's so hard to find boots that allow wiggle room in the calf.

I stumbled upon these boots at Kohl's this past weekend and almost squealed with joy when I tried them on and realized there was plenty of room in the calf. SUCCESS!!!

I got them on sale for $45 plus an additional 15% coupon. Heck yeah!

Here's a link to their online listing, if you're interested.

Paired with a charcoal sweater dress and grey tights, I felt like quite the fashionista today!

(Please excuse the randomly placed computer chair in the background....we were doing some organizing in the study and needed to move it out for extra moving room.)


  1. Um I LOVE THEM and am now following the link to buy them. You know I have the same calf problem so thanks for finding them!!

  2. I've been looking for camel colored boots!!! AHHH! YAY!!!!!!

  3. Those are awesome! I don't like high heels on boots either. Matter of fact, I don't like heels at all!

  4. So freaking jealous. They look so cute on you! I cannot find any I like!

  5. bought my boots today! they didnt have them in austin so i drove 30 minutes south just to get them!! went to DSW to find some a few weeks ago and i refuse to buy boots for over $99 so needless to say i had no luck. but i must say... they look so much cuter on you :( they get really wrinkled up on me!

  6. I love these boots!!

  7. What brand are these? I love them! But can't find them with the link. I have been search everywhere!


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